We Make Wood Shavings, And offer Transportation Services.

Wood Shavings

Custom Bedding

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53 footers with Temperature Control

53ft Dry Vans

20+ trucks and 80+ trailers

Group of Companies

Since 1959, McFeeters has been in the business of helping customers. Our roots are in Wood Shavings and our company has since evolved to meet the needs of our customers. We take pride in our work and produce top quality products while delivering reliable services.


What started as a way to ship our own product at McFeeters, has evolved into a full service multi-division transportation company. Utilizing state of the art equipment and technology to track our trucks and freight. Our fleet is available to service all of our customers, both locally and across all of Canada and the USA.

Wood Shavings

At McFeeters, we supply and deliver superior grade wood shavings of the highest quality. We formulate our shavings with optimal ratio of fines and flakes, which are virtually dust free. Whether you own a small, family-run farm or a large commercial operation, we can provide you with top quality bedding for all types of livestock.

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2825 South Grimsby Rd #21, Smithville, ON