Wood Shavings

& Bedding Pellets 

Safe & Healthy Livestock

At McFeeters, our plant has implemented the highest level of biosecurity procedures to make certain that we send out a product that always meets quality standards and ensures that our customers’ can rely on our products to keep their animals comfortable, safe and healthy. 

Our customers depend on our exacting standards. We operate a highly-maintained and regularly tested manufacturing plant, and all of our employees understand the need to follow strict procedures that ensure biosecurity standards.

Industry Leading Quality

    • Production area cleaned and disinfected nightly
    • Conveyors and production lines are disinfected between shifts.
    • Trailers are swept and disinfected before use.
    • All buildings go through regular clean outs and wash downs and disinfecting.

We provide the cleanest and safest products for all of our customers. Our customers require the highest levels of clean, and we deliver!


Inspected For Quality

Waterproof Bags

Delivery To Canada & USA

48 Bags Per Pallet

Ultimate Quick Pick Bag – Fine Grade Shavings

Blue Tree Bag – Small Grade Shavings

Your animals will be comfortable, and clean.

All of the wood shavings at McFeeters are composed of 100 percent all natural softwood shavings. Each product is inspected for quality and kiln dried and heat treated to ensure a premium and quality product. Our automated system then fills and seals the weatherproof bags using a quality controlled process that ensures that  the final product that is delivered to you is the best in the business. 

Easy To Clean

100% Softwood

Kiln Dried

118 Litres Compressed To 78

Green Tree Bag – Medium grade shavings

Custom Blending & Biofuel

Renewable, efficient and effective wood products for any industry. Our products are sustainable and reduce greenhouse gasses ask frank@gmcfeeters.ca about our biofuels and custom bedding today!

Bedding Pellets, a dust-free alternative to shavings!


Our bedding pellets are ideal for horse owners who have limited storage and composting space but who are looking for a top-quality product that will create a clean, safe and comfortable environment for their horses. All of McFeeters bedding pellets are made with 100 percent natural softwood. Unlike straw or sawdust, bedding pellets won’t stick to fur, blankets or other bedding, and it makes for easy cleanup. Bedding pellets are manufactured using an internal process that eliminates the fine and powdery wood dust that can be dangerous and detrimental to the equine respiratory system or become a potential safety hazard for your barn, stalls or facility. Use the form below to contact us, we can give you more information on pricing and delivery!

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