Delivery & Transport Services

Our Blower Trailers Save Time And Labor Costs

At McFeeters, as part of our delivery package, we also offer blower trailer delivery directly to barns, paddocks or other areas, saving you the labor-intensive job of manually placing materials. We ensure that your shavings are delivered on the scheduled day, using delivery trucks with skilled operators who can place the product where needed and ensure that there is no mess left behind.

Whether purchased in bag or bulk, McFeeters transportation services is ready to stock your farm or business. Our product can be blown into large or small facilities – simply inquire about options when placing your order or contact to discuss how we can best suit your bedding needs.

Dry Vans

Full truckloads of bagged product are delivered via 53-Foot Dry Van Trailers to your business or farm across all of Canada and the USA.

Walking Floor Trailers

Walking floor trailers are a great way to have your bulk shavings delivered to any indoor or outdoor bunker. Please call us to discuss delivery destination in both Canada and the USA.

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