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Frequently Asked Questions


Pellets or shavings – which is better and why?

Our bedding pellets are ideal for horse owners who have limited storage and composting space but who are looking for a top-quality product that will create a clean, safe and comfortable environment for their horses.

Whereas our shavings are composed of 100 percent all natural softwood shavings. Each product is inspected for quality and kiln dried and heat treated to ensure a premium and quality product. Our automated system then fills and seals the weatherproof bags using a quality controlled process that ensures that  the final product that is delivered to you is the best in the business. 


Is there a specific or better type of shaving for certain livestock?

All of our products at McFeeters are manufactured to meet the needs of your specific livestock bedding requirements.  Take a look at our products page to find what works best for you.


How quickly can you ship orders?

Most of our orders can be shipped from our facility to your location within a week or two maximum.


How do you transport your biofuel?

At McFeeters we ship via bulk transport and can also load walking floors of chip trailers.


How long will the product last, especially if I order it by the pallet or truckload?

Our high quality products are designed for long lasting use – however all of that depends on the size of your facility and what livestock is using our product.  All of the McFeeters products can be shipped direct to farms or purchased at most feed and farm supply stores.


What’s the most popular/common wood shaving?

Our all natural soft wood shavings is the most popular product at McFeeters, however all of our products are worth looking at to suit your unique bedding needs.


How do I know the product is clean?

All of the shavings/bedding at McFeeters have been kiln dried and go through our screening process to ensure it is dust free, because the removal of the dust makes it extremely healthy for livestock.


Did you ship to the United States?

Yes we do. Our products from McFeeters are available across all of Canada and America.


What type of biofuels do you have?

The biofuels at McFeeters are primarily wood-based and manufactured with clean ground recyclable wood, diverted from landfills.

Join Our Team!

At McFeeters, we’re always interested in finding new members to join our team. Mechanics, drivers. and general staff. If you have experience and enthusiasm, we want to know more about you.

Simply send your updated resume to our General Manager, – and we’ll be in touch when the next opportunity opens up.